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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On Worry

One of my favorite quotes. A reminder for you today, friend.


  1. Love this girl!!! God has really been working on my heart about worrying.. He has even encouraged me to talk about that on my first "Not your ordinary coffee date" online devotional vlog. It's so awesome how as daughters we are not supposed to worry. We have that blessing and gift and power. I'm praying that Jesus will help me to remember more often ;)

  2. Love this too! Recently our pastor made a comment during a sermon, I wish I had written it down the way he said it, but it was something to the effect that if we are burdened/worried by what we are doing we probably took on something that God did not intend for us to take on, as He doesn't want to see us in that position. And, we should be giving it ALL up to HIM!

  3. That is a great reminder! I heard the end part of the quote before, but haven't heard the beginning. It is so true. Not worrying about tomorrow shows our faith that God will be with us through anything the future brings. :)

  4. That really is such an amazing quote!


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