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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweet Meet: New Gen Twins

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared a bit on my blog and social media about meeting two kindred spirits and having the privilege of being interviewed by these beautiful friends? Well today, you have the opportunity to get to know them! Elena and Natalia are two lovely young women of God who are just gems in every way - I'm struck by how classy, kind, Godly, smart and fun they both are (and to my guy readers I know stop by here...they're single!) We've become friends and I've so enjoyed and been encouraged by time spent with these ladies. 

This weekend, my interview will air on their radio and TV show - I will be sharing the links for that tomorrow so you can tune in and watch/listen if you'd like! (It will be airing in Los Angeles but also online live stream!
Starting with the New Gen Twins, Natalia and Elena Maranian, I am going to be sharing a special interview series with you, my dear readers, once in a while. Interviews with amazing people who I want you to meet, who I've learned from, who have incredible voices and ministries that I know you will be inspired by. So, read along in our little conversation (go get a cup of coffee with whipped cream & let's have a virtual coffee date!

Hi Elena & Natalia! Can you each share a bit about yourselves, where you went to school, etc.?

  ELENA: Hi Erin and Sweetness Itself readers! We’re 23-year-old twins born and raised in Glendale, CA, and we have a multiracial heritage. Our father is Armenian, and our mother is Hispanic; we speak three different languages including, Armenian, Spanish, and, of course, English. We also have a lovely younger sister, Carolina.

NATALIA: In 2012, we both graduated with a B.A. in Communication with honors, summa cum laude (Elena) and magna cum laude (Natalia), from Woodbury University. Currently, we are both working full-time at our parents’ television network, International Christian Family Network, hosting and producing our talk show, “New Generation.”

Tell us about the TV/radio program you host and produce! What is your goal and heart behind the show? 

ELENA: In 2008, our father Vahe’s life-long vision of having a 24/7 Christian television network became a reality. International Christian Family Network broadcasts quality, Christian programming in a variety of different languages (English, Armenian, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, and more), with the mission of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations via television and online platforms. In 2009, through much prayer and encouragement from our parents, we decided to take on the opportunity of hosting and producing an original talk show for International Christian family Network. After months of prayer and planning, on September 2009, we premiered our very first episode of “New Generation” on ICFN!

NATALIA: Our heart behind “New Generation” is to inspire our generation to be on fire, passionate, and in love with Jesus Christ. We have had the privilege of meeting and interviewing many different individuals and featuring powerful testimonies from musicians, producers, actors, authors, humanitarians, and more. We enjoy inviting guests that are using their time, treasures, and talents for the glory of God who will in turn inspire our viewers and listeners to discover their own unique calling in life. We discuss a variety of topics including purity and waiting, finding your identity in Christ, supporting the pro-life movement, bringing awareness to human-trafficking around the world, and more. At the end of each show, we also love to ask our guests what their advice is for our generation.
ELENA: Additionally, in 2011, “New Generation” began reaching the radio waves on Worship on the Way Radio Network, KTLW-FM, and most recently on My Gen Radio. Our program is not solely geared towards the younger generation, however, it is fully open to anyone who wants to know what it means to be new in Christ. As it states so beautifully in 2 Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

Can you tell my readers where they can watch/listen to you? 

 NATALIA: Of course! For anyone who is interested, they may watch “New Generation” on International Christian Family Network (, Charter Cable Channel. 382 (Glendale, CA; Burbank, La Crescenta, La Canada, Montrose) and on Charter Cable Channel. 31 (San Gabriel Valley) every Sunday at 8PM (PST). If you do not have Charter, or do not live in the areas listed, “New Generation” also livestreams worldwide online at (Click Online TV).
ELENA: If you happen to miss a program, it should always be archived on in our media gallery. Our repeat dates are: Mondays/Wednesdays at 8AM; Wednesdays at 8PM; Fridays at 12PM; Saturdays at 12AM. We additionally have the opportunity to reach the radio waves on Worship on the Way Radio Network, KTLW-FM (91.1FM; every Saturday at 4PM and on My Gen Radio (91.1FM; 88.9FM; every Sunday at 9PM (PST). By God’s grace, ICFN will soon broadcast on satellite, which will extend the coverage of “New Generation.”

4.      What are 5 fun facts about each of you?

1.  In love with Christmas and everything about it. My name, Natalia, actually means, “Born on Christmas day.”
2.  Cannot swim! Took lessons at the YMCA with my twin at a young age, and still could not float. But hope still floats and cheers to hoping that one day we can both miraculously learn.
3.  Super scared of spiders. Praying for a brave husband who’ll be able to kill these terrifying arachnids on-demand, or I just might have to invent something that will help me terminate them at a distance.
4.   So fascinated by “Boo – the World’s Cutest Dog!” Whenever I see one that looks like him, my heart drops, and then I immediately run up to the owner and ask if I can snap a photo with their adorable pooch.
5.  Anything cozy and comfy – from luxury faux fur throws to cashmere sweaters and wool scarves – gives me warm, fuzzy feelings.
1.       I’m only one minute younger than my twin, Natalia.
2.       I thrive off of organization and cleanliness.
3.       Coffee with whip cream makes me happy.
4.       I enjoy vintage shopping and discovering hidden treasures.
5.       Surprisingly, I find it easier to walk in high heels than in flats.

5.      You are both passionate about purity and waiting, we share similar hearts in this. Why are you both choosing to wait for the men God has for you? 

ELENA: I am passionate about purity and waiting, because the Lord is passionate about purity and waiting. He is a pure and holy God who longs for a pure and holy bride. As the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4, “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable.”  The Lord knows all the desires of my heart, and I trust that He will hand-pick a man who loves Him with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength, and who will love me like the Lord loves His bride. Ever since I was a young girl, my greatest dream and desire has been to be a wife and a mother. Before even dreaming about the wedding dress and the wedding, I dreamt of the marriage. I have faith that the Lord will honor the desires of my heart in His perfect, pleasing, and beautiful time as I continue to honor Him and do His work. I’m looking forward to the day I meet my future husband and tell him that I’ve prayed for him, waited for him, loved him, and was faithful to him even before I knew him. For “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12).

NATALIA: There is no better way than to take His way in all matters of life. I’ve come to realize that God is really interested in every aspect of our lives, including purity, waiting, singleness, and relationships. My dreams, hopes, and desires are deeply known by God and He wants to fulfill each one of them in His own time. Even if you feel like your own dreams are not coming to pass, don’t forget that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9) and that He wants to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). I am choosing to wait for my future husband, because I believe it is an honorable thing to be able to tell him that even before I met him, I was committed to him and intentional about how my choices as a single would affect him. Ultimately, it is my honor and privilege to obey the Lord, because He is the greatest blessing and Love of all.

What is one piece of advice you would give as encouragement to young women today? 

NATALIA: I would like to encourage all the young women to envision their identity, and who they are, through the eyes of God. When you realize that you are royalty, the daughter of the King of all kings, with an eternal inheritance, your whole perspective and life will change. You will start living for eternity, and not for the temporary, by being mindful about the legacy you will leave on the next generation. You are loved divinely by a special Someone who is the Alpha and the Omega, knows the beginning from the end, who sees you for who you could be, yet unconditionally cherishes you for who you already are. As His beloved daughters, we are being pursued and wooed by a Man, who is fully God, and who burns with desire for us all. He wants to take you on the biggest adventure of your life. The most challenging aspect of my journey with God has been surrendering control; yet, I have realized that to do so is the sweetest, safest, most beautiful thing you can ever do. The choice to let go and let God, after doing all that you can do, will be the best choice you can ever make in your relationship with Him. As my mom, Hilda, always says, “Do your best, and God will do the rest!” You will never regret saying, “YES!” to Jesus.

ELENA: You are fearfully and wonderfully made and God created each and every one of you uniquely with a special purpose and talent in mind. He loves you with all of His heart, mind, soul, and strength and desires to be your closest friend. Talk with God about everything and invite Him into your everyday life. There are three promises in the Bible that greatly encourage me and pray will also encourage you: 1. Nothing or no one can separate you from His love (Romans 8:38). 2. Do not fear, for He has redeemed you; He has called you by name: you are His (Isaiah 43:1). 3. He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

What are your links so readers can connect with you?

Twitter: (@newgentwins)
Instagram: (@newgentwins)
Address: P.O. Box 10640, Glendale, CA 91209

Thanks for the coffee date, friends!
I loved introducing you to Elena & Natalia - don't you love their hearts?
I'm so inspired and encouraged knowing we are not alone
 as we stand for Jesus in this generation.
See you tomorrow as I share the places you can hear and watch my interview 
on New Generation! 




  1. I loved hearing a little bit of their family's story--that sounds like such a cool project they've started and I imagine that's an awesome way to impact the world for the gospel!

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome ladies with your readers! I love being introduced to women in my generation who are passionate and doing amazing things!

    Vonae Deyshawn

  3. This is awesome!!! I'm so excited to see your interview :)

  4. Hi Erin, thanks for sharing this ;) i am totally inspired and reminded.

    Keep shining for Jesus.

    -kat (Life Through His Eyes)


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