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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Terry Lang Jones Music

Hi sweet readers! 

Today I have someone really special to share with you. You know that when I feature musicians, bloggers, and friends here on my blog that I believe in them, love them and know you will be encouraged by them. Today's feature is so exciting and close to my heart, so take a minute to get to know the amazing lady I'm about to introduce you to. You will be encouraged, girls!
Remember the Christian singing group Point of Grace? Terry Lang Jones (visit her website here) is one of the original members of the group and sang/toured with the band for 14 years, leaving the road to be a stay at home mom and wife. She is now entering a new season of creating an indie record! I've loved Terry's voice and her music since the POG days - I got their album "Life Love and Other Mysteries" on tape (yes, a tape...this was way before iPods, y'all :) for my birthday when I turned 10 years old. From that time forward, these sweet singers became my #1 favorite band. My sister Mandy and I and our best friend Rachel thought they were so pretty, cool, and talented. We bought their posters and hung them on our bedroom walls. They became our role models, not just for their music but for their hearts and message of faith. Through the years, I bought all their CDs, performed their songs to tracks at church, read their books, and drove with Mom & Dad to several of their concerts in California. These ladies made such an impact on me. I will always remember waiting in line for hours to meet Terry and the POG girls. My sister and our two friends were literally the very last girls in a very long line of fans. When we finally got to the table (wearing our POG t-shirts) to meet the ladies, we were so nervous. I'll never forget how sweet, attentive, and kind Terry and the other girls were. It made such a huge impact on me at the time - how they took the time to talk to us, ask our names, chat with us, and make us feel special. 

Terry on the back far left, 12 year old me on the front far right :) 
Autumn 1999 
Terry is someone I look up to still today as a role model. She is a godly woman who lives her life for Jesus and sets a beautiful example of what a woman of God looks like. Her faith and heart has inspired me so, so much! Her music has been a big part of my life and sweet encouragement to me. Her ministry with Point of Grace is one of the reasons I was inspired to have a heart for ministering, speaking, writing and blogging to young women! This is why I'm super excited to tell you about her new record!

Her album "I Will Speak" is releasing in just a few days and is available for pre-order right now at iTunes! This Saturday, 10/26/2013 you can purchase Terry's album HERE

I asked Terry for one piece of advice for my young women readers here at Sweetness Itself Blog and she graciously shared this wise answer: 

Twitter: @terrylangjones
Instagram: @terrylangjones

"In struggling with thoughts about doing this album, one of the questions
that came to me was, what will people think? Will the ones who
know me be able to see God in any way despite my daily flaws? Will
Point of Grace fans like hearing my words, my heart? Will the professional
Christian artist world reject my art and call it less than? Filling
my mind are these self doubts. Maybe you relate, or maybe you’re surprised
i’m like this with the successes i’ve received before. Whatever
you are, i have learned i must be okay with you owning your opinions
and i must rest in knowing i must please an audience of one, the One.
So, though many may have done more amazing works than me, i must
remind myself to rest in knowing God has been in me, that it is my
own burden to make things as beautiful as i can, and to know that no
one else is me and no one else will write it like God has put on me
to write. So, in that, i learn, continually, to sing, write, create for Him.
That maybe my heart will be contagious to you and that in the words
and melodies i’ve been given, you might find your own gifts, your own
struggles, and relate, as i believe God desires us to relate. Just in
knowing that we all fail, we all struggle, there is encouragement that i
do not have to be perfect. But i do want to offer my gifts to Him and
if that helps you, then yes! Maybe God will smile. Through the years
since leaving a professional recording career i’ve come to learn a lot
about myself and others, mostly learning awareness of my humanity,
and need for Him but also to find we are all human. Human with our
own issues and problems, human where we realize we need a savior.
This album is my effort to portray my life, my struggles, my humanness,
my love for my savior and my desire to honor Him. It’s my best
at making beauty out of this life and loving my people well. i hope its
something you do love, as i feel God has given it uniquely to me and
for that i come with gratitude. May this record bless you as much as
possible as you journey with me through life. Everyone has a story.
This is mine. Each life circumstance that has brought me to a place to
write about it, has been my journey. i do have a voice, my own unique
voice, i will speak is my way of creating things as beautifully as i can,
learning and speaking of what He has done and what i am learning
and i will continue learning on this journey i’m on. 
Thanks for sharing my journey with me."

Girls, I SO encourage you to buy "I Will Speak" - you can hear one of the songs today on Terry's website and it is so so beautiful. I know this honest, encouraging, beautiful album will be inspiring for you - whoever and wherever you are! Terry's voice is just lovely and I can't wait to hear the entire album on Saturday.

Love you friends, be blessed and enjoy listening Terry's music this weekend!


Erin James 


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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