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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vintage Muse Modern Views (& a giveaway winner!)

Friends! I have someone awesome for you to meet today, but a little business first - 

 Remember the $75 Lush giftcard giveaway (thanks to my sponsor All Things Lovely Daily Deals) I shared with you while I hopped on a plane to Indianapolis last week? Well, today we're choosing the winner....... and she is..... Kelly R Axen! Email me girl! ( 

Today you get to meet Alexandria - an amazing young woman with a precious heart. She is beautiful inside and out and unique in fabulous ways. Do yourself a favor and get to know her and friend her on her links! 

You know what you do when you have very unpopular, debate-inspiring, eye-brow raising opinions and beliefs?  You blog about them! I started in October 2012 as a space where I could encourage women that vintage, feminine ideals still have a place in our modern world. My blog promotes a Biblical view of male and female roles both within and outside of marriage. I challenge the modern notion that women can, or even should, "have it all," and look at modern views of motherhood, femininity, and women in the workplace through a vintage lens of feminine ideals. Of course VMMV isn't super serious all the time though. I love sharing recipes to help modern ladies build their own recipe boxes, share some vintage fashion muses and tips on how to update their classic look, and I also share some fun DIY ideas and peeks into eclectic spaces that exemplify how to make classic, elegant inspiration work in our casual, fast-paced world. It's my hope that VMMV offers encouragement for, and appreciation of modern women who are choosing unpopular views about how they are building their lives and families. This world needs grace and femininity and women who are strong enough to exude just that!

1 // I was homeschooled from K-12th grade and loved it.

2 // I own a copy of everything Virginia Woolf ever wrote but Jane Austen is still my favorite.

3 // I never say no to coffee...or bread. Never. 

4 // I've lived in California my whole life but I hate hot weather.

5 // I went to college in a beach town but I don't tan. 
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Also - 

I do a fashion feature called "reel women" where I choose a woman from a classic film and rework her look with modern pieces!

 And  - a recipe I've posted (the recipe is from a post on how to make leaves out of chocolate)

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  1. love it Erin, you did a great job and thank-you so much for your sweet words!


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