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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What She Saw

Hi dear friends! Today I get to introduce you to another amazing gal in our blogging community: Annie of What She Saw. You may have seen her before here at my little blog (last month I reviewed her AMAZING new eBook she just self-published, The Unfurling - my review here) She has such a beautiful heart, amazing way with words, and her blog is inspiring. Get to know her below, check out her blog and introduce yourself. You need to connect with this one! 
I'm a twenty two-year-old who works finance by day, retail by weekend, and writing by whenever I can. I have a B.A. in English Language and Literaturewith a minor in History from Grand Valley State University and I have spent my entire life living in the world's own mitten.

I recently wrote an ebook called The Unfurling about learning to surrender my expectations and reality to the sovereign work of the Almighty. I write frequently on my blog What She Saw, mostly about faith, but also about books, travel, and the hot mess I call my life. My heartbeat is for who I am to be an expression and reflection of His grace and goodness in a world that needs desperately to see His face.
1. I wrote two novels in high school and always thought I'd be a novelist before I started to strongly consider writing nonfiction.

2. I played over ten years of soccer, from elementary to high school and even in college at the intramural level.

3. I've eaten alligator, crocodile, and ostrich. The first I had at a restaurant in Detroit and the second two when I was in Kenya this past summer. (Andthey were all absolutely delicious.)

4. I'm an introvert but I'm extremely talkative and incurably loud. Go figure.

5. I love college football. Go blue and roll tide!


  1. I love Annie! And I just finished her book last night--soo good! Going to write a post about it soon!

    xo, gina

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  2. I need to get this book! thanks for the reminder, friend :)


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