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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Albrechts Blog

Happy New Year, beautiful friends! 

Just stopping by to let you know I am sooo thankful for you all and this community. And because I love our blog community so much, what better way to start off a new year but to share one of my sweet blog sisters! You are gonna love this girl. She's adorable, sweet, and loves Jesus. Her blog is one I am always inspired by and she just shines. Sisters, get to know the lovely Lauren of The Albrechts! I will be back tomorrow sharing some pictures of my beach trip today to celebrate the new year, but until then, enjoy getting to know this beauty and connect with her! 

Hello Sweetness Itself readers!! 

I'm Lauren and I blog over at The Albrechts Blog. One of the things that draws me to Erin the most is her sweet heart and desire to lead women in following Christ! The Lord has lit a similar fire under me to be honest about what it looks like to follow him. Sometimes it's hard, but it's always life-giving and fruitful, even when I can't see it at the time. I married my sweet husband Jacob in June of 2012 and we are embarking on a brand new adventure next month--we're moving from Tennessee to New England to pursue new ministry there! Since I write a lot about following Jesus, living life as newlyweds, and the silly things that happen here and there... you can expect to hear a lot about this adventure in a totally new culture of the US. I also took up running this year, which is always a struggle between love and hate. I'm learning to do things I never thought I could do and practicing endurance..and I won't lie, it's really hard for me. I love meeting new people, so shoot me an email or pop over and say hi!!

1 // I'm obsessed with Barq's root beer. It's my favorite treat, so I'll let myself have some occasionally. 

2 //  I grew up riding and competing horses! So fun... I only wish I had taken my horse with me to college!!

3 //  There is rarely a time of day that I'm not singing or humming to myself.

4 //  I'm learning graphic design and LOVE making cards, invitations, blog designs, etc! It's a newfound passion I'm excited to grow in.

5 // God really drew my heart into his through older women mentoring me, so he has made me very passionate about investing in younger women!


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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