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Monday, February 10, 2014

Today is the day, my dear readers!!!

My little devotional, P.S. He Loves You, is here. Ready and waiting for your hot little hands (or really, your hot little computer screen ;) to get ahold of it and read it. 

Oh, how excited I am to share the thoughts and words with you. It is my heart on paper, and parts of my story. It is for YOU, whoever you are. To encourage you, to inspire you, to help you remember things you've forgotten, to tell you things you've never heard, and to make you realize how extravagantly you are loved by God. So get a cup of coffee and let's sit down and chat, laugh, cry and be real together, my dear sister. This little book is my heart. Full of honest talk about life, loss, pain, hope, and... Him. 

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* 11 letters from my heart
*39 pages + photos + art

Sneak Peeks: 

Table of Contents...

Preview of a few pages....

Thank you, dear friends, 
for supporting this ministry and for taking the time to read.
I would love to hear your heart after you read it so email me at :)

in HIM,


PS - to my gals who are helping me review + share it, emails are COMING! :)
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Just thought I'd share a lil sneak peek of the cover of my devotional, "P.S. He Loves You" - releasing this Monday, 2/10, right here on my blog!!  it is really less of a devotional + more of a collection of random letters from one sister to another, about finding worth + true love in Jesus. I can't wait to share it with you. 

Excerpt from the intro - 

"We as women crave love. Deny it if you want, but I think it's true. We were built for it, designed for it, made for it. We read books about it, watch movies about it, smile about it, cry our eyes out over it + talk about it over cups of coffee. And really, we will do almost anything for it. 

My dear sister, this devotional is for you. And for your romance-longing heart. Wherever you are. Whether you're head over heels in love with the man of your dreams or you're so sick of hearing love songs on the radio that you want to gag. Whether you feel securely loved + cared for or if you feel infinitely lonely + long neglected. He can fill up all the places in you that are empty. He can heal all the places in you that are broken. He can satisfy all the places in you that are needy. You are wanted, darling. You are adored. You are treasured. By the One who holds the Universe in His hand. He is faithful. He is true. He is grace. He is there. He cannot leave you. He remembers. He cares. 

Oh, and P.S. - He loves you."
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Monday, February 3, 2014

4 things on my heart and mind for you this morning: 

1 / I love working with shops, blogs, and more and growing and connecting this beautiful blogging community. Just for fun and 'cause I love y'all, I am offering 20% all ads for February! Advertising options are available HERE if you're interested :) Use the code "LOVEYA" at checkout!

2 / So, this time last year I wrote a blog post and an article for Quite Magazine called 4 Tips for Surviving Singleness and Valentine's Day and I noticed alot of people are finding it on Pinterest, so I thought I'd share it again here for my single sisters who need encouragement while waiting! 

3 / My devotional P.S. He Loves You is coming out sooooooon. I promise. Just finishing the last designs today and tomorrow. More info later this week! For those sweet friends who have e-mailed me about it, I am responding today! And if you have a heart to help me out and share it with your readers, e-mail me at

4 / This little reminder I read today: 

Happy Monday!


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