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Monday, February 10, 2014

P.S. He Loves You | the devotional is here!!

Today is the day, my dear readers!!!

My little devotional, P.S. He Loves You, is here. Ready and waiting for your hot little hands (or really, your hot little computer screen ;) to get ahold of it and read it. 

Oh, how excited I am to share the thoughts and words with you. It is my heart on paper, and parts of my story. It is for YOU, whoever you are. To encourage you, to inspire you, to help you remember things you've forgotten, to tell you things you've never heard, and to make you realize how extravagantly you are loved by God. So get a cup of coffee and let's sit down and chat, laugh, cry and be real together, my dear sister. This little book is my heart. Full of honest talk about life, loss, pain, hope, and... Him. 

Buy Now

* 11 letters from my heart
*39 pages + photos + art

Sneak Peeks: 

Table of Contents...

Preview of a few pages....

Thank you, dear friends, 
for supporting this ministry and for taking the time to read.
I would love to hear your heart after you read it so email me at :)

in HIM,


PS - to my gals who are helping me review + share it, emails are COMING! :)


  1. Erin, I am so proud of you!! Congratulations. This is so amazing. The Lord is using you in such incredible ways.

  2. EEEK! Girlfran, you are amazing. Soo proud of you!!!

  3. I can't WAIT! I know it will be perfect!

  4. wha-hooo! you are too amazing. soooo excited and happy for you in this phase in your life. <3

  5. Can't wait to read it Erin. :) You're such an encouragement. Love you! Casey

  6. I'm adding this to my wish-list as soon as I finish the current devotional I'm reading. Can't wait!

  7. Amazing! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to get my hands on this someday!!

  8. I just purchased your devotional. and I can't wait til I get it girl. I'm excited and looking forward to i.

  9. Would you say this devotional would be helpful for someone who has become disenchanted with Christianity, or do you think it's more for wholly Christian ladies?
    - R

  10. Ahh this is so awesome! Congratulations! I'm saving this link to buy it when I have the time to sit down and read through at least some of it right away so it doesn't get tucked away somewhere and lost.


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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