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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Erin's Weekly Favorites

A few of my favorites from the past week: 

This chandelier is so dreamy.

The perfect summer shoe.

10 things to make with ripe bananas. 

I love this post on prayer.

These earrings scream "SPRING!" #andtheyalsoscreammyname

I adore this cute Easter tablecloth.

This one is true (but hard.) 

I always spray this on my face when I fly. 

Did you know that Blake Lively stole Rachel Green's baby name

How cute are these free Easter printable

This is the perfect shirt for glamping and my Airstream-dream adventures!

These would be perfect in my soon-to-be apartment.

Signs you're too stressed over your wedding planning.

I have a major crush on these.

The sweetest pouch to bring on a trip to Paris.

What a fun tumbler.



  1. That pin is so true, but so hard to remember sometimes!

  2. I love love love the name James for a girl! I am trying desperately to get my husband to agree on James as a nickname!

    Also thanks for sharing all those pretty things! :)

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