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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pasadena Date

PARIS PLEASE SWEATSHIRT: Forever 21  ||  BLACK SKINNY JEANS: (similar) Michael Kors || HIGH HEEL: got them a few years ago from Guess! ||  NECKLACE: J.Crew (similar) || LIPSTICK: Clinique (in "Angel Red")  || DANIEL'S SWEATER: J.Crew (similar) 

My man and I just love adventures, exploring and travel. We simply cannot WAIT to be married and start our life together. When we first began dating (almost one full year ago, this month!) we described ourselves -- individually before we met and all the more when we "got together" -- wild and free! And that is who we are. As we're planning our upcoming wedding, focusing on working and preparing (in every way) to get married, the travel for this short season is something we anticipate (starting with our honeymoon.) But, since we live in California and there are oh so many places I know and love that I am longing to show my man, we get to take day trips and just savor it. 

The other day, we set off on a hunt for wedding rings, and the quest led us to the quaintly beautiful town of Pasadena. I've loved it all my life. My grandma, who I'm very close to, led a successful career there for years. Every Christmas, Mom and Dad took us there to shop and see all the cheery holiday decor. The Huntington Library and tea room is one of my family's dearest spots -- we have spent so many sweet summer days there. And then, of course, one of my very favorite and most beloved girlhood movies was set there: "Father of the Bride." The big white house from the film is located on one of Pasadena's cozy streets -- grand yet homey mansions on either side, large maple and oak trees gracing sidewalks, their big limbs and leafy branches shading it all so quaintly. Sister and I often find our way back to that street, "stalking" the movie house -- snapping photos and sometimes even playing the film's soundtrack (yep, we are that sappy and romantic at heart!) Last summer, I took Daniel (or rather, he took me on a date to) The Huntington Library, before our month spent apart in May, as a last date before a long-distance season of our dating. But, he'd never really been in the town. 

I loved leading him down the brick-lined alleys, through vine-covered old walls -- popping our heads into unique shops, cafes, pawn shops, second-hand thrift stores, and dining at an amazing Italian restaurant my parent's recommended to us. We had delicious salmon as our entree and tiramisu as our dessert (one of my man's fav's!) We tried on wedding rings at a jewelry shop and let me tell ya... I absolutely LOVED seeing that ring on his left ring finger. ALL the heart eyes. The jeweler literally laughed at me I was so starry eyed. Can't wait till he is all mine! :) We didn't buy the rings there, because they didn't quite fit but are still looking. 

We ended the evening with a movie at the iPic theater. It's one of those super fancy movie theaters -- we were very impressed! It's like an upscale restaurant/night club/fancy hotel atmosphere. Red plush velvet seats, soft throw blankets, little pillows -- separated from other movie goers in a sort of little seating area. Waiters served us from a pretty extensive menu, and popcorn + candy were complimentary. I felt like we were on a 5 star cruise! We rarely go to movies, so I think that when we do, we'll just go to those theaters. We saw "American Sniper" and y'all... I literally cried the entire movie. Absolutely amazing and moving. I literally sat there in awe of our military, thankful for the individuals who have and continue to lay their lives on the line for our safety. It took my breath away and I believe every single American needs to watch and own that film! Literally such a significant story, and was so so good. Sitting in that comfortable, safe theater, I couldn't help but look around and then compare our situation to the reality of that story on the screen... knowing full-well that the only reason my fiancé and I were able to enjoy such a sweet, safe, luxurious date was due to the men and women who have protected our freedom, and for that I am unendingly grateful. 


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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