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Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh my beautiful, faithful, old and new, wonderful readers -- 

I miss you!

 This poor little blog hasn't seen me around very much in the past months, because I've been planning my wedding and living my engagement. It's been a beautiful season of preparation, waiting, growing, and cherishing the time we are in. 

Just 18 days until our big day. And I am in states of varying awe, stress, over the clouds excitement, happiness and joy, and disbelief that my WEDDING DAY is finally almost here! 

I just wanted to check in one more time before becoming Mrs. Morris. We will be married on May 16th, and then on our honeymoon afterwards so I won't be around until early summer, because I want to fully enjoy and be totally undistracted from my man, family, friends, and this moment! But when I am back, happily settling into married life, I am planning to jump back into this beautiful community, into writing (especially writing our love story for you all who want to read) and working on some projects -- things I started, then got engaged and crazy busy so dropped for a time! Lord willing, I'll pick up some things I haven't been able to work on and I am so thrilled to get back to it in the summertime, sharing more regularly here again :) 

You are all amazing, and I am grateful for you! For quick updates, you can still find me over at Instagram in the next weeks at @itserinjames

May my story and meager words and offerings here on this blog, as you perhaps read over the posts through the last years, be encouragement to those who are waiting, suffering, wondering, confused, depressed, questioning, lonely, and afraid. Our God is big and good. In the sweet as pie seasons and in the dreary, rainy, bitter ones. Keep hoping, believing and looking to Him. 

I am shutting down advertising for this season, but will reopen when I am back from my honeymoon. I'm also not going to be "around" via email much, so know you will get a reply after all the wedding festivities and celebration. 

Love and so many blessings, to you and you and you. 

See you soon! (And I will bring wedding pictures, of course ;) 

Some of our engagement photos (credit: 

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