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Monday, August 10, 2015

About a month after our wedding, we took our first married road trip and little vacation (since our honeymoon to Antigua and Barbuda!) and it was such a wonderful trip. Being married to Daniel is the sweetest blessing in my life, and traveling together is one of our passions and joys. We absolutely love adventuring together. While dating and "talking," we called ourselves "wild and free." As singles, before we met, we both loved travel and adventures, and had the best times being single and just exploring the world and finding out who we were as individuals. We both wouldn't trade that time for the world! We had so much fun! Getting married later in our twenties gave us time to figure out who we were, discover our dreams and start fearlessly chasing them... and now that we are married and have combined our lives and dreams to make one, we are all the stronger and more confident in what we want and who we are for it. It's not everyone's story, but we are grateful it's ours! We're excited to share our travels and tips, recommendations, experiences, and our story with you guys :) 

We live on the coast in Los Angeles area and started our trip here, driving up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) -- our final destination being Carmel by the Sea. A GORGEOUS and adorably quaint little seaside town in Northern California. A born and raised California gal, I visited as a little girl and adored Carmel. My grandma and parents have always loved the northern coast of California (it is truly breathtaking and literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the world) and have raved about it for years. I remember growing up and seeing pictures in a photo album of Mom and Dad's first wedding anniversary trip to Carmel in 1984! I've told Daniel all about it since we met, and he was just aching to visit. So, we hopped in our car, drove up the coast -- stopping in Santa Barbara (where we fell in love :) along the way, and making our journey up to Carmel. 

Santa Barbara's classic State Street is home to the most pristine white washed walls and buildings. Ideal for a quick fashion photoshoot haha! 
Hands-down, one of the best places to eat in Santa Barbara is La Superica. My sister in law discovered this small Mexican restaurant and it's become one of our most beloved spots. Julia Child loved this place (she was a California-born girl like me) ... apparently it was her favorite restaurant later in life!  The tacos are incredible. We had to stop for lunch. (If you ever visit SB, you just have to stop there -- and order the watermelon juice. Yummy! So worth it. And it's also super cheap -- so, score!) 

Outfit Details // 


 Pants (similar) |  Top | Sunglasses | Sandals (similar) 


Shirt (his is from H&M, this one is similar) | Shorts | Sunglasses (similar) 

Part two: Carmel By The Sea, coming tomorrow :) 

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