{About Erin}

hi friend.

i'm Erin.
i like chai lattes...and getting caught in the rain.
i like sweet tea & boys with manners who wear polos.
i'm a california girly girl.
half my heart lives at the beach, half is in the country.
i like lipstick and i love football.
 country music is my favorite. and sunflowers make me smile.
i love dancing, babies, summertime & dirt roads.
i love long chats with old friends at tiny coffee shops
& laughing at home with family.
i dream big. i'm a believer in the impossible.
i'd rather be wise than wealthy.
and i'd rather love well and be loved 
than be rich.

i am just a young woman living life in this crazy world.
& i am in love with Jesus.
my biggest dream is to share Him with everyone i meet & my desire is to live for Him.
i am far from perfect. {emphasis on far!}
yet, every day I try to love God & love other people.
I am a hopeless romantic. A sensitive soul. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I am in love with love. i love all things beautiful and sweet.
home-making & decorating, gorgeous fashion, sweet homemade treats, & pretty diy’s.
this blog is my heart. this blog is my story.
& it is all i love.
yet even deeper…
growing up in a Christian home as a pastor’s kid, being homeschooled,
and majoring in Home Economics-Family & Consumer Sciences at a Christian college…
have taught me much. & my passion is to share what is on my heart.
my dream is to
foster a sisterhood of women who want something more out of life.
who may love finding a fabulous recipe or that perfect high heeled shoe,
but are ultimately desperate to find Jesus. to live for Him.
& for eternal things most of all.
i began this blog to encourage you. & me.
i became tired of picking up the latest women's magazines
only to be bombarded by half-dressed models in sexual poses &
 articles on how to seduce a man in a one-night stand.
am i alone, ladies?

purity. grace. faith.
fun. freedom. life.
giving. loving. serving.
waiting. hoping. praying.

i invite you to join me. on this journey to becoming women who love & honor Jesus...
His very whispers are sweetness itself.
He is the best love there is.

so sit back, pour a cup of sweet & creamy coffee.
& let's enjoy life together.


"A woman of virtue, who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels
her value is far above rubies or pearls."
~Proverbs 31:10


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