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{Good Girls}

“Are you enough of a bad girl?”  i read this question yesterday as i logged onto a popular women’s website & my jaw dropped. the question led to an article & a quiz, just to help us girls out…gotta make sure we’re not “too good for our own good!” uhhhhmmm, seriously?
honestly, it got me thinking.

being a "good girl" is not so popular right now. bad girls are everywhere. and joining that club is the way to go…apparently. in my experience, there's a message through almost every movie, song, tv show, & magazine that shouts (subtly, yet loud & clear) :

"being a bad girl is glamorous! "

shimmeringly attractive & glossed over in magazine pages & movie scenes, we are told that flaunting our bodies to make men weak at the knees is our #1 goal. doing whatever i can to get ahead, regardless of consequence or integrity. no matter if it hurts him, her, you, or even me – throw caution to the wind, & go for it girl. ya only live once, right?
i am not bashing or trying to tear anyone down. i’m just trying to make a point – maybe, ladies….being bad isn’t so good.

maybe being a good girl doesn’t have to look dowdy, boring, sad, & frumpy.

maybe it is full of exciting, vibrant life & real smiles, true love & saying no to some things…for now…while saying YES to something better.

maybe it is doing what is best for others & loving them before me.
maybe, there is pleasure & life that comes from something more than one-night stands & seduction.

look around ladies. being bad isn’t so good. the harsh reality of life is that being bad leads to rampant std’s, broken hearts, unwanted pregnancies, emotional scars, & disollusioned dreams.
i want to ask you to join me. let’s step out, step up, & say no to the culture.
…believing God’s way is BEST.

“the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.
but i have come that you may have life,
& have it to the full.”
-Jesus. {john 10:10}

in scripture, the Lord gives us guidelines for how to live. not as some legalistic rule-book that sucks the fun out of life, but to show us as His girls, His daughters what is best for us…because HE LOVES US. it’s not always easier now, but trust me – it is much sweeter in the long run.
good girls. a sisterhood. it’s about trusting God. saying no to the sparkly, tempting firecrackers that the world and culture throw at us…they are here today but fade tomorrow. & yes to the pearls & diamonds that God gives - & they’ll last forever.
good girls live differently. so here’s to real hope. To trusting our destiny to someone bigger than us. to looking for miracles. to embracing purity. & waiting for a prince charming. having standards, not saying yes to every good-looking thing that slinks by. while living in dignity as a princess under God.
join me? it’s gonna be so worth it. & trust me girls, in the end: 
you’re gonna finish first.

“the king’s daughter is glorious within.”
-psalm 45:13.


  1. I LOVE THIS. and your blog. thanks for being a light in the dark :)

  2. I've just gone through training at the local crisis pregnancy center. I never knew so much about STDs! It seems so many people do not know the facts on things, which I find sad. Obviously God knows what He's talking about when He says things like wait for marriage!

  3. I am with you, girl! I love living a good, clean, pure life!

  4. clean and pure people are hard to find. however, i believe before you find clarity in others you must find it in yourself, do you agree?

    b xoxo

  5. I love this message! Way to go! You've really nailed it. I almost cried at parts of what you wrote because they're so true! (That could also be due to some pregnancy hormones, so don't mind me). :)

  6. This is great. Following you back (:

    I love, love, love your passion for God. This is such an encouragement to ladies everywhere to live up to everything they can be. Before I found my husband last year, I would always strive to be the best "31 Girl" that I could be....and now that I am a wife, I try to live up to that guideline even more (:


  7. First of all, LOVE your blog and have been reading it for some time now!!! I love your mission to create a sisterhood and it is SO needed right now in the world, where mixed messages are being pushed at women ( and of course men as well). We can find strength in numbers! ANd second, thank you for stopping bye our little blog! :)

  8. Love this!

    Jessica @ Proverbs Living

  9. I love your blog and your good girls section and your purity & waiting section. me and my two best friends are waiting until we get married and it's great to know that we are not alone and that there are others who believe the same things we do. Thanks for the encouragement your blog brings.



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